Adam Milburn & Holly-Anne Buck: ALIENESE 24-HOUR

12 April – 10 May 2014: The Vaults Gallery, London!previous/cxki

ALIESE 24-HOUR is an ever-expanding audiovisual collage produced with long-time collaborator Holly-Anne Buck.

Various masks were painted and collaged in workshops run by Holly-Anne (aka Collagism), digitised and animated in After Effects by Adam Milburn.

This iteration of ALIENESE 24-HOUR consists of collaged masks, digital prints, HD projection, video sculptures and a CRT cube ‘flip-book’.

Original masks created at Collagism workshops by Collagism, Benito Juárez, Oliver Baggot, Jay Harper, Will Merryn Edgecombe & Kids from World End Estate 2013/2014.




The project has been supported by Apiary Studios, London. Apiary celebrates experimentation and cross pollination, supporting and pioneering projects, education and research.

Hantarex cubes supplied by The Block, London.

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