Jamie Shovlin: Rough Cut

World Premiere November 29 2013: Cornerhouse, Manchester
6 December 2013 onwards: Curzon, Soho


Rough Cut, the debut feature from London-based artist Jamie Shovlin, explores the re-making of an exploitation film – Hiker Meat – that never was.

Worked with the artist and producers (Cornerhouse Artist Films) on the post-production of both the trailer for Hiker Meat, and the feature film:

  • Audio mix
  • Colour grade
  • Motion Graphics
  • Mastering & Export for DCP, Blu-Ray and online

The Hiker Meat trailer and re-edits were heavily treated with colour-grading and sound design in order to achieve an authentic 70s look and feel.

Media © Jamie Shovlin/Cornerhouse Artist Films 2013

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