Susan Hiller: Channels

13 February – 14 April 2013: Matt’s Gallery, London

Channels, Susan Hiller’s fourth exhibition at Matt’s Gallery, is a vast audio-sculptural installation in which disembodied voices report on ‘near-death’ experiences.

Worked with the artist and technical engineer Adrian Fogarty to design and build a matrix of 106 televisions:

  • Designed video distribution system to deliver content across 106 screens
  • Rigorous selection and testing of over 300 TVs to ensure reliability and ease of operation
  • Liaised with gallery techs on the design and construction of wall structure

Worked closely with the artist on the visual aesthetic of the work:

  • Built multi-channel audio piece from over 300 individual stories in Apple Logic Pro
  • Created oscilloscope and video noise effects to accompany voice channels in Adobe After Effects
  • Edited multiple channels of synchronous audiovisual content in FInal Cut Pro
  • Exported content for reliable, synchronous playback in a multi-channels setup



Susan Hiller, Channels (2013).
Installation photographs by Peter White, courtesy the artist, Timothy Taylor Gallery and Matt’s Gallery, London.

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